For more than a decade, I've been a full-time writer and editor. I've assigned and written hundreds of stories, including magazine cover stories and complex special-issue packages.

My career began at the nation's oldest journalism school, at the University of Missouri—Columbia. I was an editor for the school's weekly tabloid, and I found my niche in profiles of local heroes and punchy front-of-book lists. 

After college I spent a few months as fashion photographer's assistant, working from runways in London, Milan, and Paris. My job was to race SD cards to the press booth, sort and caption photos, and fire them off to wire services as quickly as possible.


After that, I scored a freelance job as a writer and editor for a book series called Eat This, Not That! Over a few years, we put out 16 books, and a few of them landed on the New York Times bestseller list. I started going on morning shows to promote the series with nutritional messaging, but more importantly, I learned to write lean and manage big editorial projects. It's a skill that served me well when I moved to magazines.

I moved to New York in 2010, and for six years I worked at Men's Health. I pitched, wrote, and edited stories across a wide range of topics: health, nutrition, food, style, travel, finance, relationships, workplace productivity, etc. I worked on celebrity profiles and contributed to the various web verticals we were launching at the time. I rose to senior editor, ran the magazine's front-of-book section, and oversaw deep-dive packages in the feature well.

Since leaving the full-time office grind, I've filled in at desks at Men's Journal, Vice, and other publications. I recently assigned and edited a 20-page Franchise 500 package for Entrepreneur. I edited the Men's Journal's 100 Summer Adventures special issue. I helped launch the editorial site for Spartan Race. On most days I do more writing than editing, but I'm always interested in new projects. If you've read this far, maybe you are too. So feel free to drop me a line

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