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A morning hater's guide to waking up early (Men's Health)

Immune system special report (AARP)

You know what will make America great again? Sleeping more. (Vice)

Meet Joe's prostate (AARP)


Should you quit drinking diet soda? (Precision Nutrition)

Nutrition guidelines are designed for the young. Here's how to eat when you're over 70. (AARP)

Saturated fat's risks may be overblown, but that doesn't mean you need more of it. (Born Fitness) 

Are crickets the perfect source of protein? (Men's Health)



Tech titans dish advice about phone addiction (Medium)

Virtual reality could change the way doctors treat pain (Men's Journal)

How Brooklyn-based company Biolite plans to make money in rural Kenya (Men's Journal)


VR can now make you sweat IRL (Men's Journal)

How to sprint and climb faster on a bike (Men's Journal)

Covid-19 is moving fitness dollars from gyms to fit-tech (Men's Journal)

Lesson from the sweat lab: Heat training will make you stronger (Men's Health)


Can Shaq save Papa John's? (Entrepreneur)

GoPro lost its way. Now the company's trying to find its way back.(Entrepreneur)

Can legal weed sellers compete against the black market? (Entrepreneur)

The new con job: How ex-felons helped create the fastest-growing pizza chain (Entrepreneur) 



Emma Stone treats anxiety with acting (Palm Springs Life) 

This 64-year-old male model has lived a thousand lives
 (Palm Springs Life)


Milo Ventimiglia loves his motorcycles (Easyriders)

Joseph Brodsky makes the best coffee in the world, but good luck finding it (Men's Journal)

Charlie Hunnam's outlaw schtick is no schtick at all and the online supplement (Men's Health)


Why do some campers crave winter? (Wall Street Journal) 

This has to be the wildest 5-month motorcycle ride ever (Men's Journal)

I tried (and failed) to become an American Ninja Warrior (Men's Health)


The pain and pleasure of planning a vacation with friends (New York magazine)

The odd lives of Pacific Northwest oysters and those who farm them (Rolling Stone)

The Katy Trail delivers a softer side of Missouri (Travel + Leisure)


Can this label save the planet? (Men's Journal)  

We need to rethink how, why, and where we travel (Men's Journal) 



The best and worst workout headphones, ranked (Men's Journal)

The bike commuter's new closet (Wall Street Journal)

This is how to bring the coffee revolution into your kitchen (Men's Journal)


The working man's guide to microdosing (Men's Journal)

Bring on the extracts: How marijuana legalization is changing how we get high (Men's Journal) 

The insider's guide to buying fireworks (Men's Journal)

Retail science preys on your weaknesses. Here's how to outsmart it. (Men's Health)

You don't know Joe: The art of brewing a better cup (Men's Health)

What it feels like to eat the world's hottest pepper (Beachbody) 

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